Real estate investing Resources in Seattle

So you wanna get started investing in Seattle and you’re checking things out, eh?

Good for you. Always do your homework and you won’t get schooled.

Here’s some great tools that we’ve found and we use from time to time and great real estate investing resources in Seattle for investors here locally to tap into for quick research on your investment deals.

The best thing is most of these sites below are completely free!

Here’s a few sites you should get to know:

1. Zillow

Zillow is the biggest, baddest real estate website on the block. They are building data on real estate wealth like few other sites.

The CEO of Zillow, Spencer Rascoff, said their company’s best asset was their “living database of all homes”.

The Zestimate tool is off, as a lot of folks have noted. It’s fun to see what the computer calculates, but you still gotta know how to analyze the comps and evaluate the market for yourself.

Spend a lot of time on Zillow and get to know the intimate details of each property sold in your target Seattle neighborhoods. Really try to identify the psychology of the prices, and seek to understand why the seller and buyer picked that point to settle.

Remember, each sale is like a tiny piece of a moving puzzle that makes up the whole market.

Zillow is an awesome tool for investors to get to know their markets.

2. Craiglist

Craigslist is an awesome site. There’s huge deals there, if you spend the time on the site. People write terrible ads for great properties. Happens every hour of every day across Washington. Sometimes the best properties only get one terrible ad. So you’ve got to scour.

3. LoopNet

LoopNet is the granddaddy of commercial real estate investing.

You wanna sell a gigantic freakin building to institutional investors, this is the site you want to list it on.

Sometimes there are great deals on LoopNet, but you’re competing with every other investor to find them. If you are a Grade-A investor working with a top broker, you’ve got a chance to win the bid and seal the deal. This is not the site for rookies.

LoopNet is a great place to learn about the market in Seattle and see how the major money is moving. You’ll be surprised what you can learn, so start searching through the properties for sale and watching where they close.


As the name implies, serves as a prominent clearinghouse for a wide range of auctions, including foreclosures, real estate-owned (REO) properties, short sales, distressed properties, land, and even new construction. Whatever type of property you’re interested in, is likely to have listings that cater to your needs.

5., as the largest platform for searching the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), can be a valuable resource for real estate enthusiasts. However, it is important to acknowledge that the website may sometimes appear confusing and inconsistent in terms of the displayed data. Despite this, offers useful features such as search alerts and other tools that can help you stay informed about new listings added by brokers in your neighborhood. For serious investors, building a strong relationship with a skilled Realtor is paramount, as it provides a more personalized and reliable approach to property search. Let’s rewrite the content and add more relevant information:

  1. Comprehensive MLS Search: serves as an extensive platform for exploring MLS listings, providing access to a wide range of properties across different markets. As the largest MLS aggregator, it offers an extensive database that can be instrumental in your real estate search.
  2. Data Consistency and User Experience: While is a valuable resource, it is important to note that some users may find the website’s data presentation and consistency to be occasionally confusing. Different MLS systems may vary in terms of data accuracy or the timeliness of updates, which can contribute to discrepancies in the information displayed. However, continuously strives to enhance its user experience and improve data consistency to provide reliable information to its users.
  3. Search Alerts and Tools: One of the noteworthy features of is its search alert functionality. By setting up customized search alerts based on your specific criteria, you can receive notifications whenever a broker in your neighborhood adds a new listing that matches your preferences. These alerts can help you stay ahead of the competition and act swiftly on potential investment opportunities.
  4. Nurturing Relationships with Realtors: While online platforms like provide valuable resources, it is crucial for serious investors to establish solid relationships with competent Realtors. A skilled and experienced Realtor can offer insights, market knowledge, and personalized guidance that goes beyond the capabilities of a website. By collaborating with a Realtor, you gain access to their expertise, network, and tailored advice that can significantly enhance your investment journey.
  5. Leveraging and Realtor Relationships: To optimize your real estate investment endeavors, consider combining the benefits of’s search capabilities with the guidance and support of a trusted Realtor. Utilize as a tool to supplement your property search and stay informed about the market, while leveraging the expertise and personalized assistance of a Realtor to navigate complex transactions, negotiate deals, and access off-market opportunities.

Remember, while provides a wealth of information, it is essential to exercise due diligence, verify listing details, and engage in thorough research before making any investment decisions. Collaborating with a Realtor ensures that you receive professional guidance throughout the process and increases your chances of making well-informed investment choices.

and other tools that help you get alerted when a broker in your neighborhood has added a listing. If you’re serious about investing, you probably want to form a good relationship with an excellent Realtor, rather than just the website.

6. Walkscore

Most investors overlook – a big mistake.

Walkscore tells you a ton about any given address. It tells you how a potential renter or buyer will evaluate it – what’s nearby and how long it takes to access.

It’s also a fantastic tool to target areas that are underpriced for their amenities. If an area has a really high walkscore and low prices, chances are good that prices will rise in the next few years. There’s big exceptions – but walkability is a really key factor in Seattle investment.

Those tools will help you to understand the Seattle area market, if you take the time to use them. Do your homework, and understand the market before you start dumping your hard-earned money into a property.

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