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If you need to sell, we’re ready to make an attractive offer. Close within 7 days with a trusted local Seattle home buyer. 

No Realtors, No Fees, No Commissions.

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Sell Your Seattle House As-is Quickly & Easily

There are tons of reasons to need to sell. Tired of tenants? Too many repairs at once? Inherited mortgage too high? We’ve heard it all. But how do you find a buyer you can trust to give you fair value easily and quickly for your house as-is?

We’re proud to make that easy too—we’re local, trusted, and we buy houses in Seattle of all types and conditions. It’s our job to pick the right houses, because we have to fix them up and sell them ourselves. 

All you have to do is tell us your terms so that we can craft an offer you’ll love. Leave your home in the condition you want, and we’ll do the rest, even cleaning it out and helping you move. 

And if your house isn’t for us, we’ll do our best to find someone who’s interested. Lots of companies make these sorts of statements, but it’s truly our mission to help our Seattle neighbors. Stop searching for “Sell my house for cash Seattle“, “Sell My House Fast Seattle Washington” or “How to sell my rental property”.

Don’t let your Seattle home become more of a burden than it already is.

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Get an offer tomorrow

Skip the stress of listing your house in Seattle and just get paid your way—creative financing, cash, or another custom solution. Don’t like your options? Feel free to turn us down without fees or obligations. 

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Close when convenient

We make your move as easy as possible, which is why we close when you’re ready and even offer moving assistance. 

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Choose the biggest money option

We show you the best ways to sell your home for the most money, and let you choose which one you like most. 

We’re here for you every step of the way.

Are You a Landlord Who’s Tired of Tenants?

Even good tenants are work, but tough tenants make renting a burden. Or maybe you’re just burned out having to maintain one or more properties.

We get it—when you’re done, you’re done, and you want to get out of your property as quickly as possible. 

An all-cash offer is your fastest route to ending the endless repairs and complaints that come with being a landlord. Sell your house fast in Seattle, Washington. Call us now at (253)289-7220.

The Painful Alternative to Selling Without the Best Seattle Cash Home Buyers 

Sure, you can list your home with an agent or attempt selling it yourself, but it takes a lot of time and effort—plus you’re still paying all the bills until ownership transfers. 

The truth is, most sellers don’t even know all the ways selling a home traditionally can waste time and money.

Puget Sound Home Buyers

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Sell my house for cash in Seattle

Get cash in hand quickly and move on with your life from a situation that simply can’t wait.

  • Competitive offer within hours
    Our fair offers are just that, not obligations or strong sales tactics. You can find other buyers, and we’re happy even to help you in that process.
  • No house-selling hassles
    When we buy your house, we truly understand the shape it’s in, so buying as-is is no problem at all.
  • Close on your terms
    Once you select one of our offers you can finalize it when you’re ready, and we simply standby ready to hand over your cash.
  • Pay no closing costs
    Why sell your home only to get hit with a big balloon cost at closing?
  • Pay no fees or commissions
    Home selling is filled with hidden costs for the seller, obscuring what at first looks like a nice offer from a buyer.
  • Perform no repairs
    You’re not a renovation pro, but our team is, willing to deal even with hauling your unwanted items away and assisting in your move so that you can simply move on.

The Traditional Way

  1. It costs money to hold a property
    Every day you don’t sell is another day of home insurance, property taxes, and utilities.
  2. Keeping your home in show-ready condition
    It’s hard enough to keep up with your normal chores during your busy routine—imagine having to keep your home show-ready. Otherwise, it makes a bad impression and buyers look elsewhere. 
  3. Closing is out of your control
    Even when a buyer makes an offer, you have to wait 1-2 months to close. Anything can happen. Financing falls through, the buyers’ minds change, and you’re left holding the bag, required to re-list and start the selling process all over again. 
  4. You pay 1-2% of the sales price at closing
    These fees cover things like recording fees and titles.
  5. You pay 5-6% of the sales price at closing
    This goes straight to the realtors who helped sell your home.
  6. Repairs drag on Think you’ve fixed everything for a successful sale? The buyer’s inspector will likely tell you otherwise, pushing out your sale date and pushing up your total out-of-pocket costs. 

Trustworthy Local Seattle Homebuyers With a Proven Track Record

It’s true that a lot of companies buy houses fast, but few actually care about sellers. Our reputation is built on not just being the experts that buy big houses, small houses, old houses and new houses and everything in between, but also on caring about the end result to our community. 

We want sellers to get the best deals possible, and we want to hand off better homes to buyers who make the local Seattle area just a little bit brighter. 

We solve all types of home selling problem scenarios: 

  • Inherited mortgage
  • Vacant house
  • Foreclosure
  • Divorce
  • Back taxes
  • Liens
  • Behind on payments
  • Big fixes you can’t afford

Houses become burdens quickly, meaning you need to sell quickly. 

Fortunately, we’re flexible enough to find multiple solutions that sellers love because they’re customized to their terms. 

How It Works

Fill out our form or give us a call at (253)289-7220.

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We’ll start analyzing your property as soon as you fill out our form.

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We’ll give you several offers to choose from. 

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Choose the best offer option for you.

Who Should Sell With a Local Home Buyer

Real estate agents take turnkey properties and find buyers for sellers who have the time to wait until closing—but that’s not you.  

You don’t have time to wait, and your property has problems you can’t solve. 

That’s why we buy your property quickly, making your problems our problems because we have the team to solve them and re-sell your home to the right buyer. 

Am I losing money with a local home buyer?

No. In fact, you could make more than with a real estate agent because they take a 5-6% cut of the final sale price for connecting you to a qualified buyer. 

  • Skip the traditional hassle of home selling: 
  • Fully confidential and private 
  • No hidden costs 

Sell your home AS IS—and we mean it.

Our definition of “as is” is not narrow. We buy Seattle homes of all types, sizes and conditions. We work out not one but multiple deal types for most sellers to give us the greatest chance of helping you. 

We need homes to sell, and sellers get into many burdensome scenarios with their homes, creating so many opportunities for win-wins that leave the Seattle area just a bit better than it was before.

Three Ways to Sell Your House Fast in Seattle

  1. LOCAL REALTOR – Why deal with the whims of the open market, finding the perfect customer for your distressed property? Closing already takes a couple months on average, and if your home is a hard sell you could be waiting several more months. You’re not a property flipper—you’re just trying to unload a real estate burden.
  2. FOR SALE BY OWNER – Unless you’ve got tons of time on your hands, FSBO is going to only net you a small amount of extra money, plus all the work a realtor and renovation team would accomplish. And that’s if you get it all right the first time.
  3. LOCAL HOME BUYERS – Skip the hassle of being your own realtor, and your own renovation team, and simply accept or deny our no-obligation cash offer at Puget Sound Home Buyers.

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Cash For Homes in Seattle Neighorhoods is Easy to Come By

Why? Because the Puget Sound area is some of the most desireable—and expensive property—anywhere in the United States. It’s easy to see why for the natural beauty alone, but the connection to culture and great employement opportunities rounds out the area’s appeal.


Compared to many neighborhoods in Seattle, the Bellingham area is relatively affordable. Defined largely by its college population for a long time, this neighborhood about 1.5 hours north of Seattle isn’t truly defined by the young because it’s so popular as a retirement destination. Tourists flock here every year on brewery tours in pursuit of some of the best lager styles across the entire country as a reward for an invigorating hike through the nearby mountain trails.


With only 40,000 residents, Bremerton is not too well known to become overpopulated in the Puget Sound region. It’s popular as evidenced by the fact that every year its permit total keeps increasing, in large part due to the easy commute downtown, which residents make often via public transportation at the ferry docks. An escape from the city, yet close enough to easy take advantage of all it has to offer, Bremerton is probably best for families but also offers plenty of newly constructed apartments for those still living life without children.

West Seattle Junction

Undergoing a resurgence in popularity marked by a large increase in apartment construction, West Seattle Junction—or just The Junction to locals—only has 6,000 residents and is relatively small. The mix of boutique retail and dining attracts a diverse crowd of retirees and young professionals alike. With new modern apartments and old craftsman homes, there’s an appealing residence for all types of buyers. If you own a home in this area that you simply need to sell quickly, it’s easy to tell a local buyer, “I’m ready to sell my house for cash in Seattle!”


This eclectic neighborhood is more affordable than some of the trendier options in Seattle with real estate coming in around $200-$400 per square foot, or a median home price of $400,000. The diverse mix of shops and construction styles attract a wide range of buyers, so you don’t have to worry about your home fitting into some sort of box. With local buyers like us, we simply cater your home to what buyer’s like today, while you get cash in hand and get to move on. Community theatre, boutiques, bars, coffee shops from the upscale to the downhome line the streets, while the Greenwood Seafair Parade and Greenwood Classic Car show bring in outsiders to patronize everything the neighorhood has to offer.

Or Give Us A Call Now At (253)289-7220

Why Sell Your Seattle House Directly to Puget Sound Home Buyers?

We do all the work and you get to walk away without dealing with a huge list of house-selling hassles.

It’s a win-win. You don’t have the time, cash or a skilled team of house flippers, but we do.

  • Competitive offer within hours
  • No hassles
  • Close on your terms
  • We pay closing costs
  • Zero fees or commissions
  • Skip repairs