7 Tips for Moving into Your First Rental Home


Are you moving into your first rental home? If you are, well, congratulations are in order! But, before you open that bottle of champagne and before you start packing your bags, it is necessary to prepare yourself for leaving your family’s nest. 

Moving out for the first time does come with many pros. But, everything that has pros has its cons as well. Moving into a rental home, although exciting, is going to leave its toll – emotional and financial toll. So, besides preparing your things for moving, be sure you and your finances are prepared as well. 

Fear not, as we will help you with everything! Today, we will share with you 7 tips for moving into your first rental home. So, if you want to save some time, energy, and money on this big life event, keep on reading. 

1. Create a Budget 

When it comes to moving into your first rental apartment, it is of key importance to organize your finances before doing anything else. Renting a home in Washington, New York, or any other city in the USA (or in the world) is going to be expensive. Thus, before you rent it, make sure you can afford it. 

To rent a home, you will have to have money for the following things: 

  • Rent 
  • Security Deposit 
  • Utilities 
  • Internet and Phone Costs 
  • Moving 

You may think that this is a lot of money, but the truth is, you will have to pay so much more when moving into your first rental home. For instance, besides all the previously mentioned costs, you will also have to have money for things like groceries, going out, and just living. 


2. Find a Home to Rent 

Once you have accessed your finances and realized that you can afford to live on your own, go ahead and prepare to move. As beltwaymovers.com suggest, to do that, you will need to hire reliable movers. But, before doing that, you will need to find a home to rent, of course. 

The easiest way to find a home to rent is to hire a reliable real estate agent. An agent of this kind will help you find a home that suits your budget and all of your needs in no time. So, make sure to find one as soon as you decide to move out. 

3. Learn About Lease Terms 

There are many reasons why you want to rent and not own a home. Maybe you don’t have enough money yet, maybe you don’t know where you want to settle yet, and maybe you just want to avoid the home buyer’s remorse

Why you are renting doesn’t really matter. What matters is that renting has many benefits (so many benefits that some might say renting is better than buying). As a renter, you will have many perks. Those perks will be in the so-called lease terms. So, read them carefully. 

And, while reading the perks, pay special attention to your and your landlord’s responsibilities as well. Don’t hesitate to ask questions. After all, you will be living in that home and paying rent, so be sure you agree with all the perks and responsibilities! 


4. Gather All the Essential Documents 

Don’t forget to gather all the important documents when moving into your first apartment! They are necessary for filling out a rental application, among other things. You probably have some of these items at home (just make sure that they are still valid), and some you will need to withdraw. 

For the rental application, you will need the following: 

  • I.D.
  • Social Security Card 
  • Bank Statements 
  • Referral Letters (if you lived in rentals with your family before) 

And, for your future life, you will need: 

  • Passport 
  • Driver’s License 
  • Medical and Dental Records 
  • Educational Documents 

5. Pack but Don’t Overpack 

Now comes the sentimental part – packing. Since this is your first time moving out of your family’s home, your instinct probably tells you to pack everything you own. Don’t do that. Your future home is going to be a lot smaller than your current home. There will probably be no place for all of your stuff.  Thus, declutter your belongings and pack only the things you can’t live without. Leave the rest behind—nothing will happen to it.

If you are looking for movers, make sure to find reliable help. Look for movers who will handle your relocation, and they can do all the packing for you. But, if you decide to have a DIY kind of relocation, be sure to know how to pack! And, be sure not to cut corners on packing materials. Do some research on this topic before you start packing—it can save your move.

6. Buy Home Stuff You Don’t Have 

And now comes the fun part—shopping. But, this is not going to be your regular shopping, no. Instead of buying clothes and shoes, you will have to buy some home stuff this time. 

Check your new rental home and see what is missing. Maybe there is not a piece of furniture you need. Or, maybe, that rental home lacks things for kitchen and bathroom. Before moving, visit the home and make a list of everything missing so that you don’t forget something.

However, before you start shopping for household items, ask your parents, grandparents, or even friends if they have something you need. It is not wise to spend all of your money when moving into a new home. Many things can go wrong, so have some money saved on the side


7. Set up Your Utilities When Moving into Your First Rental Home

And one of the last but certainly not the least important things you have to do before moving into a rental home is setting up your utilities. Trust us, you don’t want to spend the first night in your new home without the Internet or maybe even electricity or heat. Your landlord will cover things such as water or trash, for example, but for the bigger part of utilities, you will be responsible.

So, a month before moving, call different utility companies and ask about their services. Make arrangements for them to come to your new home and set everything up before you move in. As you have seen, there are many things you should do before moving into your first rental home. Start with the ones we mentioned—you will not regret it. And, good luck! 

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