Worst Projects For Adding ROI To Your Seattle Property

While some renovations add value, in our latest post, we want to let you know about the worst projects for adding ROI to your Seattle property.

Not every renovation project is good for your bottom line. Some renovations simply aren’t worth it. Below, we will discuss some of the worst projects for adding ROI to your investment property.

Adding A Bathroom

While the appeal of an additional bathroom is undeniable, the financial reality often diverges from the desired outcome. While most individuals would appreciate the convenience of an extra bathroom, the willingness to pay the substantial cost of constructing one is not always proportional. The expenditure for an average bathroom addition can easily exceed $40,000. However, when it comes time to sell, the property value might only see an increase of around $20,000, creating a financial gap that may not align with the initial investment.

Major Remodels

There’s a common misconception that completely renovating the kitchen or bathroom is the key to attracting potential buyers. While these spaces undoubtedly carry significance, opting for a major remodel may not be the most prudent choice when aiming to enhance property value for a sale. Extensive renovations often come with a hefty price tag and the potential for unforeseen additional repairs that can strain your budget. The costs can quickly escalate without a corresponding increase in your home’s value, making the project less financially viable.

Moreover, renovations that are overly personalized run the risk of deterring some buyers, as individual styles and preferences vary widely. Instead of investing in renovations tailored to a specific taste, providing buyers with a credit to make repairs according to their preferences can be a compelling incentive. This approach accommodates diverse buyer preferences and fosters a more appealing and flexible selling proposition.


Though the concept of a sunroom exudes charm, the reality of adding one can be financially burdensome. The expenses associated with extra insulation, construction, and subsequent maintenance can accumulate rapidly. While a sunroom may provide an immensely enjoyable space, the return on investment during the sale of your home is likely to be only a modest percentage of the incurred costs. Additionally, it’s essential to consider the potential impact on monthly heating and air conditioning expenses. Ensuring excellent insulation becomes crucial to mitigate the risk of excessive temperature fluctuations in the sunroom, a factor that can contribute to increased heating and cooling costs.

Garage Addition

Garages are great, and whether you are storing your car or just your stuff, everyone is bound to find a use for a garage. That said, the overall value of your home isn’t going to increase enough to justify the cost of building the garage. The permits, materials, and construction costs will add up, making a garage addition simply not worth it if you are looking for the highest profit margins. As a bonus to your buyers, you can show where a garage could go, and what it would cost to add.


The allure of a pool is undeniable, offering the dreamy prospect of leisurely floating in refreshing waters. However, the reality is that while having a pool is delightful, its impact on the overall value of your home is often less significant. The expense and effort associated with pool maintenance can be substantial and, surprisingly, might even dissuade some potential buyers who would otherwise be interested in your property.

A strategic approach to address this is to consider letting the new owner decide whether to add a pool post-sale. If pools are a sought-after feature in your neighborhood, offering a visual representation, such as a schematic, illustrating how a pool could be incorporated into your backyard, can be a persuasive tool. This allows potential buyers to envision the potential, assisting them in mentally crafting a picture of the transformative addition of a pool to the property.

Before making any renovations to an investment property, consider what the return will be like for you. Some projects will be great additions to the house, but won’t provide much of a return on your investment. Run the numbers to really understand which improvements and renovations you should be making to your Seattle investment property.

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